You have Him, who is greater than your circumstances!

The Lord is quoted in this scripture in Matthew. It contains an important principle which believers sometimes tend to overlook. Many believe and even teach that if you’re blessed, your life will be filled with material prosperity, and that if you are undergoing extreme trial, it must be because you have sinned or that you lack faith. The Lord says that the sun rises and the rain falls on both the righteous and the unrighteous alike.

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Rejoice — the Celebration Awaits Us!

As we continue to celebrate the God-ordained Feast of Tabernacles — this is a prophetic feast, and one which will be kept by all the people of the world in the coming age. In resurrected bodies, we will be celebrating this feast, year to year in Jerusalem during the millennial reign of Yeshua (Jesus)! Can you imagine it — celebrating with the King of Kings! If that’s not something to anticipate, I’m not sure what is!

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Enter in!

psalm 105 worthy daily devotional

As we close out the fall feasts here in Israel I’m meditating on the deeper significance of this season. I’m realizing how God’s ordering of the festivals contains a deeper meaning than one might see at first glance. It’s not just about apples and honey and building tabernacles. The Lord gave the Jewish people these feasts as a beautiful picture of His ultimate plan; repentance, faith, atonement, forgiveness and joy. He carefully ordered these feasts to call us to a profound internal reflection designed to lead us from sin and alienation to reconciliation, fellowship, freedom and great joy.

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Our Days Are Numbered, Hallelujah!

Some time ago I installed an interesting app on my phone that counts days, keeping track of anniversaries and all days of significance. For example, I know that, as of today, I’ve been married 5,267 days. Worthy News is 6,506 days old and counting. But most curiously, today happens to clock in an anniversary which may have gone completely unnoticed but for my attention to it using this app: the nation of Israel was birthed on May 14, 1948 and today marks its 25,000th day of existence.

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