Your Blind Side is Covered!

The Lord gave us His promise to send us a helper -- the Holy Spirit. The word for "helper" in the NT Greek is "paraclete". This word has more meaning then simply "helper" -- it was also an ancient term used in warfare. When Greek warriors went onto the battle field, they went out in pairs, so when the enemy attacked they could stand back-to-back, covering each other's blind side. The battle partner in Greek was called a "paraclete" -- he was there to watch your back!

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Face your giants with new eyes!


When Moses sent out the 12 spies to report on the condition of the land of “milk and honey”, ten of the spies brought back a bad report. They focused on the giants, and the great obstacles in their way. They walked with eyes set on the physical realm and said within themselves, “We are but grasshoppers in the sight of these giants!

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Stand in Faith, Receive your Inheritance!

As hundreds of rockets were launched from Gaza this past Saturday night, Jews worldwide observed Tisha B'Av. Many ominous events mark this particular day in Jewish history. On this day, the first and the second Temple were destroyed. Jews were expelled out of England, France, and Spain in different years on this very day. But this day of infamy was initially marked when 10 of the 12 spies came back and gave a bad report of the land. When the twelve spies returned from spying out the promised land, only Joshua and Caleb gave a good report, saying the land was full of milk and honey. They believed the promise of God so emphatically that they tore their clothes and implored the children of Israel, saying, "the Lord is with us, do not fear them!" Israel's reaction was unbelievably severe. They were ready to STONE the faithful spies!

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