Learn to lay your burdens down!

In Biblical times, the economy of the world was largely agricultural, so the meaning of "yoke" was easy to comprehend. To plow a field, you would place a yoke on a cow, ox, or horse with a plow attached and drive the animal forward to break up the ground preparing a field for sowing.

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Outnumbered, Exhausted, but Still in Pursuit!

"Exhausted but still in pursuit..." Well, now we know why the angel of YHVH addressed Gideon the way he did. With his small three hundred man army he had just decimated the army of Midian -- but the victory wasn’t complete, and so the Jewish general and his small, exhausted, hungry, band were determined to cross the Jordan and take care of 15,000 additional Midanite enemies and their leaders, Zebah and Zalmunna.

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Are You Feeling Worn Out and Weary?

Since I started Worthy News in 1999 there is one thing I have not seen in 17 years -- a day that there wasn’t news to cover! I’ve not taken a so-called vacation since I started the ministry -- yet I don’t feel worn out or weary. Of course, my wife wants to take a vacation soon, so we will probably go somewhere this coming weekend. But while I was driving home at around 4 AM last night -- I was pondering it -- why don't I feel worn out?

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Are You at Rest with the Sky Falling?

Over the past week, the world has experienced some severe birth pangs. If you’ve been reading Worthy News, you’ve read the situation in Ukraine has intensifed with the Russians massing their troops along the border with the West condemning the referendum taking this weekend in Crimea. In Israel, scores of rockets were fired out of the Gaza Strip and rockets continue to be fired despite a "ceasefire". The Iranians continue to threaten the destruction of Israel as an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander stated, "Islam has given us this wish, capacity and power to destroy the Zionist regime so that our hands will remain on the trigger from 1,400km away for the day when such an incident (confrontation with Israel) takes place." Wars and rumors of wars embrace the headlines! The world is on the brink of going over the edge!

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You're under construction!


Driving throughout the United States we're noticing more construction sites than ever. In part, it's because we normally travel during the winter when many construction areas are not active, but now during the summer, they seem to be EVERYWHERE! Construction sites are normally messy, as wood, concrete, supplies, and equipment are strewn all over the place. Yet, it's well understood that the architect and his foreman know exactly what's going on toward accomplishing the finished product.

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Learn a Lesson From History!

For the past two weeks we've been building life lessons derived from the Exodus wanderings and from Paul's exhortations to the church in Corinth. Notice carefully that Paul says, "these were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come"...

...that is, written for us today! – admonitions from Paul to learn lessons from the history of the children of Israel.

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