Experience Faith, (Say “Amen!”)


The word “Amen” (אָמֵן) properly pronounced in Hebrew “ah-mehn”, means “so be it” or “may it be so”, and also, “Yes, it is true!” Some scholars suggest a connection with the Hebrew word for truth, “emet” (אֶמֶת), because of the two similar root letters, “aleph”(א) and “mem” (מ). Truth ought to be confirmed. At the end of a prayer, saying “Amen” expresses the desire to affirm and confirm what was requested or proclaimed. Leha’ameen, (להאמין) means “to believe, trust or confide in”, and all variations of this root (אמן) relate to “emunah” (אמונה): faith, belief, or faithfulness!

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Seek unity … not conformity!

Yesterday we wrote about one of the greatest moves of God … the Moravian Revival. When the community was in complete disarray, Count Zinzendorf focused on how they could live together in love despite their differences. He called all the men together for an intense study of the Scriptures to focus on how Christian life in community was portrayed. These studies combined with intense prayer convinced many of the believers that they were called to live together in love and that their disunity and conflict were contrary to the clear calling of Scripture.

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Be careful what you try to stamp out!

In the late 1800s, an awakening in South Africa led by Andrew Murray was a powerful move of God. Studying that revival yields essential insights concerning the events occurring now throughout the United States. As the spirit of God began to move in Cape Town, Murray compared the SA revival with past experiences of revivals in Europe. He decided that the intense “emotionalism” was a false experience of God and charged in to break up the meeting. Stepping out of the church, he encountered his father standing and weeping. His father rebuked Andrew, “How dare you stop something that I have prayed to happen for 30 years!”

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