What is YOUR life!

The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are known as the “Days of Awe”, a short but intense time for deep introspection and repentance as the “New Year” begins. During this time, I was spending a few days in Eilat with my family as we concluded hosting a tour with 40+ people in Israel for two weeks.

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How hungry are you?!

I love fishing… but sadly, I haven’t been able to fish for quite a while. There’s the Mediterranean, but other than that, the few good fishing spots in Israel are not really available to the public. So sad. Nevertheless, fishing gives me a chance to get a break from the world and just relax and meditate — and on a good day, maybe catch a fish or two. But there are different kinds of fishermen, and different ways of fishing…

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Red Alert! Be Ready!

Last week was a historic week beginning with an eclipse going across the United States, and ending with Hurricane Harvey as it developed it rapidly out of nowhere and may wind up becoming the most expensive natural disaster ever to face the United States. While many around the world are apathetic and lack understanding about the times in which we live, we as believers should realize these are merely signs of the times and have a sense of urgency to be about the Lord’s business.

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