Looking Ahead!

In connection with the Hebrew Word “Amen”, meaning “faith”, “truth”, “belief”, and “trust”, consider this revealing passage in Isaiah which further amplifies the dimensions of the word in the most wonderful and comforting promise:

“He who blesses himself in the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth [“Amen” in Hebrew]. …

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Experience Faith, (Say “Amen!”)


The word “Amen” (אָמֵן) properly pronounced in Hebrew “ah-mehn”, means “so be it” or “may it be so”, and also, “Yes, it is true!” Some scholars suggest a connection with the Hebrew word for truth, “emet” (אֶמֶת), because of the two similar root letters, “aleph”(א) and “mem” (מ). Truth ought to be confirmed. At the end of a prayer, saying “Amen” expresses the desire to affirm and confirm what was requested or proclaimed. Leha’ameen, (להאמין) means “to believe, trust or confide in”, and all variations of this root (אמן) relate to “emunah” (אמונה): faith, belief, or faithfulness!

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