The Signs of the Times are Changing!

Luke 21:25-28  “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” 

Is it me, or is the world going nuts?  Have we’ve entered the “Twilight Zone”?  However, the Bible gave us an understanding of what the last days would entail.  We are witnessing the groanings of creation, the literal birth-pangs of the “Day of the Lord”, we also must be awakened and prepared for the coming HARVEST.

The fig tree provides an example: this tree spends a year growing its green fruit, until suddenly, within a few weeks the figs mature and must be harvested. The majority of the fruit is harvested in those last weeks. I believe we are in that time when the fruit of the world is rapidly ripening and will be needing US to be laborers for this final Harvest.

In the past month, we have been delighted to hear how two people came to faith in our house in Israel, despite the fact we’ve been re-deployed to the States for the past year.

The harvest season is upon us – and as the signs of the times intensify – as the birth pangs become shorter and shorter and harder and harder – we will see many more we’ve been praying for, suddenly begin asking questions; questions for which we have answers, real answers. It may not be uncommon to hear, “I’m terrified! What must I do to be saved?”

These signs of the times are literally screaming at us, “Prepare yourself spiritually for the harvest season is upon us!” God has appointed us to live in this day…. for “such a time as this”, to help fulfill the Lord’s great desire that His house be filled. So…let’s get our “gospel” shoes on for the harvest of a lifetime!

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  1. Awesome read……don’t pass on it, please read. This might be what you need to hear… you all. Thank you, Jinnie WongWong. I love you very much. You are an awesome daughter………❤❤❤

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