Revealer of Secrets!

Gen 41:45a And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphnathpaaneah (“Decipherer of Secrets”);

Joseph interpreted dreams and revealed their meaning to those around him, and so Pharaoh gave him the name Tsofnat Paneach (Zaphnathpaaneah), which means the “Decipherer or Revealer of Secrets.” Yeshua (Jesus), at his first advent, coming as the suffering servant or otherwise known as “Mashiach ben Yosef,” also came revealing secrets, not as an interpreter of dreams, but as one who disclosed the secrets of men.

Yeshua’s teaching consistently exposed the innermost thoughts of the heart, forcing them into the light. As the living Word of God, His words, like a sword, cut through deception and went straight to the motives of men. Exposing sin through deep conviction, He presents the opportunity for real and sincere confession. He can then remove those sins through His atoning death.

Yeshua’s insight and the conviction of His word are a gift. If He probes you in the secret places, it’s only because He loves you so much and because He wants to reveal His grace and power to cleanse you. When you read His Word or seek Him in prayer, don’t be surprised if you discover some of your own secrets, things you may have even hidden from yourself. He will reveal what He wants you to see, what He wants you to confess, and what He wants to help you change. And then, you will also discover a “secret” love He was waiting to show you.

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  1. He is … in this series of devotions, I’m proving that Yeshua also fulfilled the Rabbi’s understanding of the “suffering servant” Messiah, whom they typify as Meshiach Ben Yosef.

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