Become like the children of Issachar!

1 Chronicles 12:32 And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending time with a pastor and his wife who’ve been in the ministry for decades, and they shared with us some great wisdom. One of the words given was “be like the children of Issachar.” Of course, I had to ask what this meant. So he referred me to 1 Chronicles 12:32.

The children of Issachar were men who “understood the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” The Hebrew word for “understanding”, “bee-nah”, has a root which also means discernment, wisdom, perception and knowledge.

We live in a day and and age in which discernment is a sorely needed gift in the body of Christ– and praise God, it’s a gift which is freely given by the Holy Spirit! [1 Corinthians 12:10]

Why? Because the enemy of our souls is cunning and subtle, and a major sign of the times is the proliferation of “seducing spirits” and “doctrines of devils.” [1 Timothy 4:1]

A.W. Tozer once stated, “The red corpuscles are like faith – they carry the life giving oxygen to every part of the body. The white cells are like discernment – they pounce upon dead and toxic matter and carry it out to the drain. In a healthy heart there must be provision for keeping dead and poisonous matter out of the life stream.”

So how can we become like the children of Issachar? By building up our spiritual immune system! We need to ask for and develop the spiritual gift of discernment, not falling into the trap of spiritual laziness where we fail to discern truth from error, or to identify the enemy’s spiritual toxins which could poison us.

Let’s ask God for this important gift! Let’s ask the Spirit of Truth to lead and guide us with discernment, every step of the way so that we become like the children of Issachar — able to understand the times, …and, to know what we ought to do!

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14 thoughts on “Become like the children of Issachar!”

  1. I was led to your website during my online search for information regarding the Issachar Anointing. I did not know why I was looking for this, but felt strongly led by the Holy Spirit to seek out as much information possible to receive for myself this awesome gift. To my astonishment, when I stumbled upon your site, the posting regarding the Issachar Anointing is on my birthday, August 11th! It appears that the Lord desires to bless my 50th birthday in a special way. May His will be done in my life and through my life, in JESUS’ name!

  2. i have to attest to the fact that The Holy Spirit is still at work. I also was seeking for more information about the Issachar Anointing,, The Anointing on your site is atill at work,, The Holy Spirit is still gathering those to work under the Issachar Anointing and be a blessing in these last days,
    Today is August 11th, 2010, and while it is not my physical birthday, it is a new spiritual milestone for me, and also a witness, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday,today,and forever!!!
    It is my prayer to stay humbled,surrendered, and obedient to The LORD JESUS CHRIST,to operate in the Issachar Anointing and to glorify The Lord, as he has his way,and his will be done,, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith The Lord,

  3. One morning in June of 2010, I was awakened out of my sleep to the a loud voice that said “Issachar” an simultaneously I saw a vision of two identical heads (like busts) flash before me right before I woke up. I have been searching ever since specifically what that means for me, my life, and my position in the body of Christ. Still not clear.

  4. A.W. Tozer once stated, “The red corpuscles are like faith – they carry the life giving oxygen to every part of the body. The white cells are like discernment – they pounce upon dead and toxic matter and carry it out to the drain. In a healthy heart there must be provision for keeping dead and poisonous matter out of the life stream.”

    Some Christian parents have their young children in Catholic schools rather than the public schools because they think the morals are better in Catholic schools because the Catholic church believes in the trinity and teach Christine doctrines.  After reading the story of Josiah and the lost Book of the Law in Sunday school and opening up for discussion I had mentioned that besides the Passover lasting commemorations God wanted the Israelites to keep always, the Ten Commandments were also in the Book of the Law.  I had the children read what the first three commandments were because they dealt with what was going on in Josiah’s time.  One of the children looked concerned and told me that his teacher says he has to pray to Mary.  I told the child I would speak with his parents so they could let the teacher know that you only pray to God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and do not believe in praying to anyone else because the Bible tells us only God deserves worship.   I spoke to the father but he doesn’t seem concerned.  I have researched information on what Catholics believe regarding the Gospel, prayer, Mary, and communion.  I searched both Christian and Catholic sites.  The Catholic gospel is one of works, they do pray to Mary and other saints,  they give Mary titles that belong to Christ alone, and their communion is one that re-sacrifices Jesus over and over.  They claim salvation comes through the Catholic church alone plus faith in Christ with baptism and your own righteous works.  They have not accepted Christ Jesus’ atoning work as our substitute as sufficient for salvation by faith alone.
    I have since learned that many families in the church have their children in Catholic schools.  I have emailed material and my concerns to the pastor and have asked him to speak to the parents.  I don’t seem to be getting any feedback except acknowledgement of receiving information.  There is no problem with the pastor or the church.  The concern I have is the children being daily indoctrinated with false Catholic doctrine and what this is going to do to their faith.  I personally feel this is not a good thing for them to be in the Catholic school because it teaches them, unintentionally, how to compromise, how to block out your conscience, and not stand for your faith.  These are young children who, feel they need to do what the adult in an authorative position tells them they must do.  How do I get the pastor to get the message to them that this is  not good for their children?  I have told no one other than the pastor and the supervisor of Sunday schools.  I feel all I can do at present is to teach my class Scripture to counteract what the Catholic school is teaching and how to be a berean.  I’m not in leadership but am a Sunday school teacher. I only have a couple of these children most are in other classes.  I feel children need to learn while they are young how to stand firm in the faith by storing up God’s word in their hearts, knowing the major doctrines and the salvation message and learning  how to keep a clear conscience. 

  5. I so much thank God for this wonderful site, which the lord has used to make me understand more about the anointing and the gifts of the children of issachar. It was on 11-09-2015 early morning when i was sleeping the lord told me, that he anointed to be like the children of issachar. I was confused i began to research thats when i got to this wonderful site. Thank God i now know who i am.

  6. Good Morning, My name is Renee and i was in 6:00 am prayer called morning glory and as i was praying the lord said to me Issachar and i said Issachar and then the lord said Issachar anointing. I went home immediately and look up what this meant and it is what the lord wants me to have and i have asked for this anointing. i will perform what God has for me in Jesus Holy Name

  7. Nice observations,those of us who know the truth,teach it firmly and lets not lose focus of our faith.

  8. There are many other solders posed for war to enthrone David as king. None of these men could be compared with the children of Issachar. These other men could only fight with man made weapon which might be wrongly used if not used at the appropriate time. Issachar’s children who command the other tribes would definitely alert other solders that it is time to strike. Children of Issachar anointing is a must for everyone who desires to succeed either physically or spiritually. We should aspire to be like children of Issachar in order to fulfill the mandate that God had committed into our hands. To understand the time is more better than taking all times to prepare for war.

  9. Woow!!!! The Issachar Anointing. The Lord ministered it to me before I slept one night and all through the following day. I need the Issachar Anointing!

  10. Blessings for this article. One night I prayed and asked God for Wisdom and the next morning I heard Issachar. At first I thought Isaac but no it was Issachar. I said Lord who is Issachar. Since then I have been looking up everything related to Issachar, the sons of Issachar and the Issachar Anointing. I am learning more about my role that God has assigned to me especially relating to discernment and the prophetic.

  11. A good information for sake of understanding.
    i Know we have to seek the Spirit of Discernment, just wondering how much more information as regards the Sons of Issachar is available to be able to teach the church about Knowing Your Time. Sometimes it is time to plant, wait or harvest. How does this relate to the Sons of Issachar? Don’t mind my mumbling, simply seeking understanding.

  12. I woke up in the middle of the night over a year ago and the Lord said “you are Issachar.” I had never even heard of Issachar.

    I’m praying the Lord will give me revelation as to what to do with this Issachar anointing all the days of my life.

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