Are You Under the Protection of the “Sign”?

Gen 9:17 And God said to Noah, “This is the sign (Oht in Hebrew) of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.”

Ancient Symbols to spell the Hebrew word Oht

As we continue our study of the ancient Hebrew letters we continue to find hidden treasures of meaning. The ancient word for “sign” or “seal” is the word “oht”, which is spelled, “Aleph”-“Vav”-“Tav”. This word in the verse above has been translated, “sign”, referring to a rainbow, which signified the Lord’s promise never again to judge the earth by a flood.

But lets look at the individual meanings of each letter. The “Aleph” is pictured as an ox head and illustrates strength, power, and a leader. The “Vav” illustrates a tent peg, or a nail, and the “Tav” illustrates a cross, the letter itself, meaning, “covenant sign” (not to be confused with the above word “oht”).

So the Hebrew word “oht”, “sign” (in this case the rainbow sign of the Lords’ promise to Noah) seems to connect three things: a leader, a nail, and a cross. What we find is that this word which refers to a covenant of protection from judgment in the Old Testament story of Noah, also contains three symbols which could easily point to the covenant of protection in the New Covenant: the “leader” (aleph) who was “nailed” (vav) to a “cross” (tav).

We’re finding interesting correspondences in the symbols for ancient Hebrew letters. While these suggested connections do not carry the authority of the divine revelation of scripture, they seem to point to the revelation which has been given so clearly to us in the biblical narrative. Our God is a great artist whose creativity certainly extends to the structure of the language of the Old Testament: Hebrew. Since the revelation of His Son, Yeshua of Nazareth, was the pinnacle of His revealed love and protection for us, it’s not unlikely He would speak to us about Him in many ways. Yeshua’s (Jesus’) cross is the universal sign of favor and protection for all mankind. He is the eternal “oht” of ancient Hebrew.

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  1. Now that you brought up “aleph”, I hope you plan on sharing about the “aleph tov” (alpha omega in Greek).

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