Come to Daddy!

Yesterday we were running errands in town and we took our four year-old, Elianna, to a toy store she loves to visit. We usually don’t buy much (just playing with the toys there is great fun for her) but this time, unbeknownst to Elianna, we were planning to buy her a little kitchen set because she loves to pretend cooking.

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Whose report will you believe?


You may recall a few months ago we sent out an unspoken prayer request on behalf of the ministry without giving any details. At the time, among many other things going on, we went in for an ultrasound and the doctor told us that he wasn’t able to see a nose bone. He went on to say that this was a likely indication that the baby had Downs Syndrome and strongly suggested we get some tests done. When Rivka politely told him that we wouldn’t need any tests and that even if the baby did have Downs, he is a gift from God and there was no way we would abort him, the doctor was taken aback. He insisted that we would be causing an injustice to allow a baby to be born with a defect such as this. And believe it or not, two other doctors agreed.

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I need a drink!

We are in the midst of the latter rain season here in Israel, and boy is it ever coming down! Praise God — we need it! However, there have been several flash flood warnings near where we live in the Negev Desert this last couple of days and even right now as I write, outside our window there is a downpour like we have not seen for a long time. Even some visiting friends of ours had to leave the Dead Sea area last night because of the flood warnings. So… is it me or does that sound a bit contradictory? Floods…. in the desert!

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